Athlete Registration Process

All athletes are required to register for school sports for record keeping and security purposes.

Forms are located at the bottom of this page.

You may turn in hard copies to the school office or email them to the Athletic Director at:

Permission forms need only to be completed once per year.

There are 2 separate Preparticipation Physical Evaluation forms:

  • Medical History is to be completed annually by parent/guardian.
  • Physical Examination will not be required except in the case of certain responses to specific questions (as noted on the Medical History form, reviewed by the school nurse).

There is a fee of $250.00 per league athlete, per sport season. Some fees will be discounted for non-league play or in cases of instructional/developmental teams. These athletics fees cover use of uniforms and equipment, coaches, gym and field rentals, league and meet fees, referees, and other miscellaneous expenses. Please note that equipment and uniforms are considered school property and are to be turned in end of season.

There is a cap of $750 per family per school year. 

Payment Portal instructions will be sent in a separate email shortly after practices start.

For those sports which have try-outs or preseason, the fee is not due until after try-outs or until regular season begins.

Great Hearts Irving does not exclude any student from participation due to financial hardship. Eligibility for waived or reduced athletic fees is determined according to the same standards as those found in the Free and Reduced Lunch  Program. The application is available here. See the Great Hearts Irving website for details of the Breakfast and Lunch Program.

Permission Form

Medical History

Physical Examination